Remember When SI Swimsuit Went Zero Gravity With Kate Upton?

2022-09-24 01:26:22 By : Ms. Silvia Yu

It was a photo shoot for the history books.

Kate Upton and zero gravity; name a better duo. You can't!

Back in 2014, SI Swimsuit was already pushing boundaries. Eight years later we are resurfacing this iconic moment from one of America's favorite photo shoots because there are still few things more impressive than watching Kate Upton pose, seemingly effortlessly, in total weightlessness.

The vision was conceived by editor-in-chief MJ Day. In a behind-the-scenes video capturing the photo shoot, a roughly 10-person crew can be seen lying on their backs on the floor of the plane waiting for the pivotal moment. Once it hit, the whole crew began to float and the real work began.

Upton twirled in the air, working to get her face towards the camera, while the rest of the crew tried to help hold each other in place and not bump into one another.

In Zero G flights, the weightless phenomenon is typically experienced in intervals of 30 seconds, so they were on a bit of a time crunch to get the perfect shot.

At one point, SI Swimsuit photographer James Macari can be heard saying, "I'm not doing real well but I think Kate is doing amazing!" We can't imagine how much skill went into this for all involved; the team who accompanied her really thought of everything. Water released from syringes to create floating droplets? Genius!

At the end of the photo shoot, Day joked, "One small step for Swimsuit, one giant leap for mankind." Upton later commemorated the famous photo shoot with her very first Instagram post.

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